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Bond Cleaning Service in Brisbane


Providing An Unbeatable End Of Lease Cleaning Service Is Our Promise To You!

Leaving your rented house? Looking for an affordable bond cleaning services in Brisbane? Are you dreading the final cleaning?

We at Best Bond Cleaning Brisbane promise you to provide an unbeatable bond cleaning service. Let us help you in getting your bond back without any deductions. Our objective is to help our clients with the best of our ability till the last they get their bond back entirely. We follow a standard cleaning checklist applicable to both residential and commercial properties. The cleaning checklist is based on REIQ requirements. For many years, we have been a great support system for a few of the biggest companies in the city.

Best Bond Cleaning Brisbane always works to meet the expectations of their client. The expert and well-trained cleaners are instructed to give the best. We clean every area of the property including all the washable surfaces, oven & BBQ, cooktop, range hood, clean the spots on the walls, windows in and out if accessible, bathrooms, bedrooms, and the living areas. We provide a cheap cleaning in Brisbane for both residential and commercial properties in Brisbane.


The team of reliable, well-trained, professional, friendly, insured, and police verified cleaners are the main reason for our success.

Insured & Verified We are worried about your safety. We don’t want anyone to harm you or your loved ones. That is why we at Best Bond Cleaning Brisbane hire a team of insured and police verified cleaners. They all are licensed for the service they are offering. Moreover, they are highly skilled in all the aspects of bond cleaning requirements and are available to work 7 days a week.
Professionally Trained Cleaners We want to meet all the bond cleaning expectations. And we know you are looking to hire professionally trained cleaners for your bond cleaning service in Brisbane. To make sure you will get a team of professional cleaners we ask each cleaner to go through an intensive training session that covers all the essential requirements for a successful bond cleaning contract.
After Service Support Is Unmatchable We will send our cleaners back to re-clean your property without charging anything extra within 7 days. Because we understand that you have to go through with an inspection by your landlord, property manager, or an agent. However, terms & conditions will be applied.

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What’s More Apart From Bond Cleaning Service

We at Best Bond Cleaning Brisbane are taking care of all your cleaning needs.

How Much A Bond Cleaning Service Will Cost?

Giving an exact costing for a bond cleaning service in Brisbane is quite difficult as it depends upon the size and state of your property. We do provide a cheap bond cleaning in Brisbane. The bond cleaning pricing starts from $39 per room.

The total costing for bond cleaning service will keep varying as certain areas of the house may require extra time and effort. For instance, a wall is not getting cleaned by the standard cleaning process and full wall wash is required to be performed. So, in this case, the extra cost will be charged. Similarly, any other cleaning such as pest control, pressure cleaning, etc.…. which needs extra time and effort to be performed will be charged separately. Our professional cleaners will not perform any such cleaning without prior customer approval.

In simple words, a customer is required to provide as much as possible inclusions during their bond cleaning booking process to make sure that the pricing wouldn’t look so far from their estimation. Make sure you are reading our terms and conditions to avoid discrepancies on the day of cleaning. Moreover, you can always feel free to ask our customer service executives over the phone, chat, and email to ask about anything or everything about the bond cleaning service in Brisbane. You can simply call us @ +61 403451660 to get a free quote.

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We at Best Bond Cleaning Brisbane ensures giving the best from our cleaning ability to clean your property in the first visit only.

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The Process We Follow To Provide Bond Cleaning Service

If you are worried thinking about the structure of our work of providing a bond cleaning service in Brisbane then stop taking tension because we are there to help you. We at best bond cleaning Brisbane are structured with a reliable and hassle-free booking process. Trust us, you are a step away. Our easy and quick process is created to lighten your burden of moving from one place to another. We are committed to offering the best cleaning processes in the market of Brisbane today.

Just A Call Is Enough To Make A Booking

We are just a call away. You can make a call @ +61 403451660 to book us for bond cleaning service for your property. We’ll schedule your cleaning service accordingly.

We Will Start Your Cleaning Process

We will start your cleaning process once the booking is made. Our team of well-trained & Professional cleaners will come to your place. They will clean your property entirely according to the custom-made cleaning checklist.

Don’t hesitate to share the feedback

We will appreciate your feedback because it matters to us. We can send our cleaners back to your property to re-clean the required areas within 7 days if don’t get satisfied with our bond cleaning in Brisbane.

Why Our Bond Cleaning Service

Our commitment to delivering the bond cleaning service in Brisbane is what makes us different from the crowd.

An Unbeatable Customer Support System Our unbeatable customer support team will never let you down. They are reachable via calls, emails, and chats.
Professionally and Experienced Cleaners We are liable to clean your property professionally. We have a team of professional, experienced, and insured cleaners.
RTA Approved Cleaning Checklist We believe in cleaning each area of the property. We do create a custom-made checklist approved by the RTA to take care of all the cleaning requirements.
We Guarantee Bond Back Feel free to ask us to resend our cleaners to re-clean your property within 7 days because your satisfaction is important to us.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)We feel good about cleaning with our self-formulated, natural products that are better for the enviroment

Telling an exact costing is impossible as it depends on the size of the property. However, our bond cleaning pricing structure is affordable.

Our customer-driven approach and a team of experienced cleaners are what make us different from others. We believe in offering satisfaction to our clients.

Call us, email us, or fill an inquiry form to get a free quote and proceed with the booking.

We are flexible with time schedules. Else, a time duration of bond clean depends on the size and requirement of the property as every property requires a different kind of cleaning.

We will recommend you to leave your property alone during the cleaning process. Our cleaners will call you sometime before the completion of the task to take a look if something has missed out.

No, we do not charge any additional amount except the amount which will be quoted after inspecting the property. However, if any other cleaning will be performed which is not included in the inclusions will be charged separately.

Yes, we guarantee the bond back for 7 days. We ensure that our client gets their full bond back with our assured and satisfactory bond cleaning services. You can ask us to resend our cleaners back to re-clean your property if you don’t feel satisfied with our cleaning service by writing an email of giving a call within 7 days. We will not charge any extra cost.

Yes, we will resend our cleaners back if anything is missed or not up to the standard. We are just a call away so call and let us know to come back to the property to clean the areas left unfinished.

Yes, we can clean your property in your absence. You can leave your keys somewhere and let us know from where we will pick them up to leave them at the same place after the competition of the work. Kindly make a note that we will not be liable for keys in such cases.

Yes, the items will be repaired by an expert if something gets damaged by our cleaners. Kindly note that we do not clean dented items.

Few More Factors That Would Make You Believe In Best Bond Cleaning Brisbane

We, best bond cleaning Brisbane will never leave you alone. We will be standing aside you for 7 days to make sure that you will get your bond back. You can call our cleaners back to reclean your property within 7 days. However, our structured and designed high-quality cleaning service using an REIQ approved cleaning checklist, pocket-friendly rates, and high-tech tools to perform cheap bond cleaning in Brisbane. It will give you satisfactory results and help you fully in getting your bond back.

We understand spending money every time you are moving out from one place to another in bond cleaning services to get your bond back is not easy. And that is why we have created these pocket-friendly budget for both commercial and residential properties. Moreover, the industry-grade equipment will be used to perform the cleaning solutions to take care of all the stains, filth, and dirt.

Give Us A Chance To Help You In Getting Your Bond Back

Our customer-driven approach and commitment to delivering the best form of our ability are what make us different in the bond cleaning in Brisbane. We want our customers to get their bond back entirely without having any issues. And that is what we want to deliver through our cleaning solutions. We aim to provide the professional and best bond cleaning in Brisbane at an affordable price. That is what we are doing it through our professional and experienced cleaners.

Our 7 days bond back guarantee is a structure that has been created to offer you an unmatchable help. This is a process where you can ask our cleaners to come back to your property to reclean the areas left unfinished if not satisfied with our bond cleaning services in Brisbane. Just a call is enough to send them back but make sure you call within 7 days.

Let’s get served by transparency, professional & well-trained cleaners, and supportive customer support by the best bond cleaners in Brisbane.

Best Bond Cleaning Brisbane - Inclusions & Exclusions
We follow cleanliness legally

We follow an act made to the cleanliness of that property for the tenant to have their bond released in 2008 (Under The Governance Of The Residential Tenancies And Rooming Act 2008).

Here is the list of covered areas in our Bond Back Guarantee Cleaning Service.

Getting your bond back does include many different components and letting us know and covering all of them in your bond cleaning service is your duty. Let us take you through with the usual components of bond cleaning. Bond cleaning simply means
  • Deep cleaning of the property
  • Carpet Shampoo cleaning
Do not forget to ask specifically for stain removal and steam cleaning And if required any specialty service like;
  • Pest Control
  • Deep cleaning of the property
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of the property
  • Upholstery Cleaning
Make sure you include all the cleaning required areas in your quotation because we cover these specific cleaning services individually. We will be adding each item separately in the quotations to give you a clear idea about your inclusions in the quote. For example,
  • Bond Clean
  • Pest Control
  • Carpet Clean
Undoubtedly, we at Best Bond Cleaning Brisbane try making your property look as good as new by using our latest cleaning techniques but somehow at the time our cleaners can't get your item look back as new as ‘normal wear and tear’ applies. In order to this, we will take before and after photos of this kind of item to prove to your Managing Agent that this is what the best condition the item can be in.
Bond Cleaning-Inclusions For Unfurnished Property General Cleaning
  • Removal of cobwebs
  • Ceiling fans
  • Air conditioners & filters
  • Cleaning of light fittings with safety
  • Spot clean walls, light switches, and power points
  • Skirting, Architraves, and doors
  • Drawers, cupboards, doors, cupboard tops, and shelving
  • Cleaning of windows from both the sides (it will be excluded if heights and accessibility lacks)
  • Vacuum and cleaning sliding door tracks
  • Standard blinds, cords, and rails (Spot cleaning & dusting will be done)
  • The vacuum of all the floors and carpets
  • Mop hard floors
Kitchen Cleaning
  • All the cupboards (from every side), doors and drawers
  • Stovetop, elements, rings, and knobs (from every side)
  • Inside and outside of Oven, griller, doors, trays, racks, glass, and knobs
  • Inside and outside of Oven, griller, doors, trays, racks, glass, and knobs
  • Cleaning of Sink, drain holes, drainers, and polish tapware
  • Range hood exhaust and filter
  • Cleaning and polishing the splashback area

Bathroom Cleaning
  • Cleaning Exhaust fans
  • Cupboards and drawers (from every side)
  • Cleaning toilet (from every side including ‘S’ bend area, under and around toilet seat)
  • Bathtub, shower recess, soap residue on tiles, shower screens & soap holder
  • Cleaning Sink & polishing all the tapware and towel rails
  • cleaning mirrors & windows including its tracks and washable floors
  • Laundry
  • Cupboards and drawers (from every side)
  • Cupboards and drawers (from every side)
  • Inside, outside and around laundry tub, cabinets, shelves, drawers, and tapware
  • Cleaning behind space of washing machine
  • Cleaning of equipment and filters (if applicable)
  • All walls, windows, window tracks, and floors
  • Floor sweeping
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Floor sweeping and moping
  • Removing Cobwebs
Bond Cleaning-Inclusions For Furnished Property
All the above items will be included in your Furnished property bond cleaning along with a few specific items which include.
  • Dusting and Wiping over furniture surfaces
  • Kitchen cupboards will be cleaned only when all the items are removed Kitchen cupboards will be cleaned only when all the items are removed

  • We will not be liable for any damage or breakages of cupboard items
  • Make sure you confirm your property type (either furnished or unfurnished) at the time of quotation
  • Make sure you confirm your blinds on the surfaces or curtains as it may require a blind specialist is they are not a type of standard blinds. Venetian & Roller blinds will be quoted separately
  • Items over 5kg must be moved by the client for effective cleaning Other Services Which Will Be Quotes Separately (if required)
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Blinds IE Venetians
  • Pool Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Furnished Properties
  • Pest Control
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • These services will be charged separately as a separate item
  • If any of them is not listed in your quotation which means they are not included

What We Do Not Include


Damp Spots
Usually, damp spots cannot disappear. However, we will do best from our ability to remove any marks from damp spots. These marks are returnable in the existence of the excess moisture.

A Complete Wall Clean
A wall be cleaned from marks like insect marks etc….as a full wall clean is required only when marks are still existing and they are beyond ‘wear and tear.’

As we all know discoloration (usually a yellow color) exists in certain areas of the property such as grout, toilets, and plastics over time. And removing the discoloration is difficult without any specialist intervention. However, our experienced cleaners will do their best in cleaning the discoloration.

Ceiling Cleaning
Ceiling cleaning is not included in the bond cleaning service.

Dangerous Areas
Our cleaners can skip all those areas they found dangerous to clean such as broken or cracked power points/switches, rubbish, bio waste, etc.

Any height cleaning will not be performed.

Garage Walls
Cleaning of garage walls and floors will not be performed.

Tile And Rock Stains
Sometimes, removing of stains on the tiles or rock is not possible without any specialist intervention because of its composition of the tile. However, our cleaners will do their best in removing all the stains and making your property as good as new.

Specialist Services
Any specialist service such as cleaning equipment, chemicals, and a trained technician will not be performed. Furnished Property Exclusions
  • we will not clean the cupboards if items are not removed.
  • Any decorative items such as lamps, clocks, fruit bowls, picture frames will neither be cleaned nor warrant.
Additional Items
Any items which not listed in the inclusions as the separate item will not be cleaned such as fridges, furniture, etc.

Other Exclusions
In addition to the above exclusion, there are few more exclusions that we cannot warrant under Bond Back Guarantee. Here are those.

Outside Windows
We cannot warrant the cleaning of windows from outside due to weather circumstances. However, we will try to clean as much as we can.

Outside Glass
Like outside windows, cleaning of outside glass cannot be warranted due to weather circumstances. But undoubtedly, the best try will be performed by cleaners.

Outside Areas
Outside areas like balconies, patios, or any other outside area of a house cannot be warranted completely because of the weather situations.

Post-Pest Control
Any required cleaning post pest control will not be performed by us. For instance, cleaning of dead insects and animals.

Cleaning inside and outside of the garage is not warranted.

Kitchen (if furnished)
Kitchen items occupying cupboards and draws neither be cleaned nor warrant.
Exclusions-Completion Events

WWe do not guarantee any cleaning service during the completion event. Completion event is a kind of event which happens after the bond cleaning service which may influent your managing agents to release the bond in which we as bond cleaners are not responsible. There are certain factors you can take care of.
Examples of these events are;

  • Gathering of dead insects that were alive during the cleaning process but now have expired.
  • The buildup of the surface dust that has settled after the cleaning.
  • Dirt near window or door that has been open left.
  • Ordure of insects/animals.
  • Move out or in of new residents.
  • Access of the property by the third-party without notifying and getting approved by us.